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Posted on Sep 3rd 2021

The ability to remotely run tests is a capability that’s been requested by many of our users, starting with our very first releases. We’re thrilled to announce that this feature will be released in CodeTogether 4.2, due later this month! We’ve taken this feature a step further, allowing participants to write tests as well, supporting red, green, refactor TDD.

When connected as a guest, you will now be able to execute tests from your IDE, or even if you’re connected to the session with a browser. Launch specific tests from the editor or dedicated Test/Run views and then analyze the results, just as you would on the host. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect.

Browsing and running JUnit tests from a VS Code client – the tests execute in the host Eclipse instance

After the selected tests have completed, the guests have full access to the results. Through the Test Results view, any participant can easily navigate the failures, make any fixes that are required, and re-run the tests.

Analyzing test failures in a VS Code client

And the new test support isn’t just for Java and JUnit tests. Here’s a suite of tests for Python that all participants can browse, run, and correct.

Running Python tests from the browser

And it’s not just the ability to run tests, you can run other launches that exist on the host IDE as well. CodeTogether will discover these launches and allow you to execute them from your client.

An IntelliJ client running a shared Maven build

CodeTogether 4.2 is currently slated for release late this month. Do watch this space for further updates – we’ll share details when the release is generally available. In the meanwhile, to learn more about CodeTogether, read our documentation or check out our videos on YouTube. You can always chat with us live on Gitter or drop us a note on Twitter. Until next time, happy coding!

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