Nataliya Muriy
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Posted on May 25th 2017

So you are keeping up with the latest technology and you already have your Angular IDE downloaded.  You are now ready to start working on a project.  How?  Just follow this simple series of steps or watch the video below and let the Angular app fun begin!

Creating your first Angular app:

  1. Click on File-New-Angular Project.
  2. Name the project and specify the version of Angular CLI, node and npm to use.  Opt for default settings.  Angular IDE downloads the specified versions for your project. 
  3. Once created, the project appears in the Server View, where you can select and launch it.  Click on the Start Server button.  Now you can monitor the application state.
  4. When the application is running, debug it by clicking on Debug Application in Chrome.  The app is now shown in the browser (together with CodeLive for Angular running on the right).
  5. CodeLive allows to identify the structure of the app by showing the components rendered on the page.  At this point, there is only the app component.
  6. You can use the CodeLive magic wand to identify which component is rendering on a specific part of the page — just hover over the content.

Done!  You are ready to code away!

Angular is also part of our Webclipse plug-in and our MyEclipse IDE.

This is the basic process for creating an Angular App.  However, there is much more that Angular can do for you if you want an amazing full-fledged app.  Watch this video for some examples of awesomeness (as well as to see the app creation process for yourself).