Posted on Jan 31st 2012

Our Secure Delivery Center now includes popular Eclipse plugins in a certified, vetted format that are integrity tested and intended for use within the enterprise. Companies can now offer these certified Eclipse packs internally and know that the code bases have not been tampered with.

Rather than setting up your enterprise tool stack by finding each plugin individually, the Certified Pack gives developers a clean, internal location to find the most common plugins. But what’s included? As a sampling, popular certified Eclipse plugin packages include popular software like:

  • Maven
  • AnyEdit
  • Subclipse
  • FindBugs
  • Egit
  • …and dozens more

The Certified Pack is based on download and usage statistics from the Eclipse Foundation ( Genuitec does not judge how "good" a plugin might be – instead our engineers include the plugins that developers are most likely to use based on historic trends.

For a broad understanding of the power inside SDC, its features include:

  • Managing tools behind your firewall in your “private cloud”
  • “Lock down” Eclipse-based tool stacks with one click
  • Generate full, customized installers for tool stacks
  • Easy usage reporting on tools and open source compliance
  • Manage multiple versions of software simultaneously
  • Manage Eclipse, MyEclipse or both at once

Try SDC free for 30-days, it works right out-of-the-box:

Cheers and let us know what you think!