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Posted on Mar 13th 2019

The new version of DevStyle, with Mojave dark styling, is here, bringing you a deeper level of dark, and more! We tailored DevStyle to fully exploit macOS Mojave’s new dark mode, but we did not forget about Windows and Linux users – there are improvements and fixes for you as well. Ready for a cool, dark, Eclipse experience? Read on!

Mojave Improvements

Pictures do speak a thousand words – just take a look at how awesome Eclipse looks with the Darkest Dark theme on Mojave!

Context menus finally look like they belong:



The preference pages are a great example of how pretty much everything looks better on Mojave:



Had trouble seeing the cursor on dark fields? That is no longer the case.

You don’t have to be on the latest version of Eclipse to take advantage of these improvements – even versions as old as Eclipse Neon will look great on Mojave!

Bug Fixes for All

Not a Mac user? No problem – your newly-improved DevStyle will do wonders for you too! 

For the few of you who aren’t too fond of our icon sets (remember, you can choose pastel and white shades in addition to the default primary colors), we allow you to use the original Eclipse Icon set too. Simply select None: Original Icons in the Icon colors drop down on the Color Themes page.

And in case you missed it, we fixed the drop-down arrows on the toolbar to actually be visible in dark themes.

As with any release of our products, our mission is to continuously make DevStyle better, removing bugs and optimizing its functioning. Here are a few areas that got a fix:

  • Disabled labels on Windows will no longer look blurry.
  • On Windows, tree icon alignment was off in HiDPI, on light themes, and newer Eclipse versions (2018.12+) – this has been fixed.
  • On some Linux distributions, the new startup dialog would be too small to use – this has been fixed.
  • Fixed several obscure coloring issues, especially in the CDT, and color preferences that weren’t retained on restart.

Improving for You and with You!

We are very pleased to bring this new version of DevStyle to you – we know firsthand how awesome it is to be coding in a cool environment. That’s why we always strive to make it better with each release, and we are grateful for your continuous feedback and help in this challenging, yet fun process. Special thanks today to one of our users, Michael, for being really helpful in tracking down a hard-to-reproduce issue with color preferences that were lost on restart. Thanks to users like you, we can continue offering our best!