Nataliya Muriy
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Posted on Jul 24th 2017

Change, deploy, wait… don’t like it… start over!! This doesn’t have to be your developer’s life. With Live Preview of CodeLive you can know what’s going on immediately, as you code. It allows you to jump to source code from the browser, inspect it, instantly view changes and receive a preview on multiple browsers and gadgets.



So there you are, working on a Java EE project, possibly using MyEclipse or CodeMix, and you want to see how your webpage or app is turning out. No problem! By using the CodeLive dashboard, you can do just that — jump from a page to its source simply by following the list of JSP, HTML and CSS files. With a simple click on magnify you can open the source file you need. Looking for one line of code in particular? The Inspector inspectoricon comes to your rescue. Just hover over an element to see that path to the source file you’ve been trying to find, and be taken there with a simple click. You can, of course, use the Live Preview on your frontend project as well.


Indeed, view all the changes at an instant! What a timesaver not having to deploy first in order to be able to improve list items, page structure or styling! New colors, fonts, margins — all of that can be experimented with when editing your CSS. Live Highlighting will show you immediately which areas on your page have undergone change: just put your cursor in an HTML file or on a rule in a CSS file. The same applies to the static blocks of JSP, making your dynamic web content development a breeze too.

Are you familiar with the feeling of frustration of seeing your gorgeous-looking page not looking so hot on a different browser, or a smartphone or tablet? One more advantage of Live Preview is that it lets you test your page on several browsers at the same time and even on mock mobile devices. This way you won’t get any nasty surprises.

So whether you are doing frontend or backend development, Live Preview with CodeLive can save you many headaches over lost time. As can be seen from this forum, there are quite a few tools out there that will help preview live, but many fall short of covering all your coding needs. For instance, the Real-time HTML editor might do the trick for you, but if you are using other languages, you need a tool that’s more complete. No more worries — there is a solution for any kind of circumstance.