Tim Webb
Vice President of Operations and a passionate technologist who thrives on merging software and marketing. Follow @timrwebb for periodic musing. A developer by birth, an optimizer by necessity, a forever believer in the ability of software to improve what you do.
Posted on Feb 14th 2019

At Genuitec, we are very excited about the CodeMix 3 release coming out this Valentine’s Day! Those of you who have been using CodeMix along its journey, will realize just how much this product has evolved since its release, less than a year ago.

Optimization for Eclipse and Superior eLearning Tech

CodeMix 3, is distinct in that it brings with it not only great functionality, but also improvements in how it works with the rest of Eclipse. In particular, CodeMix optimizes major aspects of development to proper optimal functioning, even when used with popular tools like Spring Tool Suite, JBoss Developer Studio, and MyEclipse, of course!

Beyond enhanced performance, CodeMix now comes with super eLearning technology that provides interactive tutorials right inside the product. Unlike passive blogs where you’re struggling to follow lots of steps along the way, with CodeMix eLearning, you’re able to see everything right inside the IDE: the source code, and the steps, alongside each other. Learn how to use CodeMix, how to develop with Angular, React or Vue, or how to tweak out your HTML development, with cool tips and tricks to become a power user.

Growing and Improving, with You!

When we reflect on this journey, we’re thrilled to have had CodeMix reach the number four spot in the Eclipse marketplace, which speaks volumes about the excitement in the community, and the willingness of users to join us along the way.

As we moved further with the product development, we introduced Live Chat, and other ways for our users to provide feedback, and through those interactions we’re able to find even better ways to improve CodeMix. For many of you, some of the hurdles we’ve had in the early days of CodeMix were problematic, and we continue to strive to eradicate them. So, as you pick up CodeMix and start working with CodeMix 3, as you’ve always done, if you see anything amiss, please don’t hesitate to hit us up on live chat.

We’re very excited to get this release into your hands, and to celebrate, use the codemixlove coupon for 30% off on your next CodeMix purchase, valid until February 22nd, 2019. Try this updated version, and fall in love with Eclipse all over again! Happy Valentine’s!