Posted on Apr 26th 2012

Our secure environment for WebSphere® tools and technologies behind the firewall provides flexibility and security at a fraction of IBM tool costs -that's a fact, and it's designed specifically for WebSphere use and as a replacement for IBM Rational tools.

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Blue Secure has the distinction of providing a private marketplace to development teams. Behind the company firewall, this new security technology allows WebSphere developers to standardize on a marketplace for their teams to get all the tools they need for advanced application development. The tools can come from outside sources or internal, proprietary technologies behind corporate firewalls thereby creating a secure enterprise environment.

Our customers asked for a marketplace to showcase their technologies internally, combined with reporting and analytics on use-cases and software behavior, so in an industry first, we developed a powerful new tool for WebSphere users in MyEclipse Blue Secure Edition - a technology that collects open source software so that enterprises can "own" them without fear of changes to the code or legal issues.

Why is MyEclipse Blue Secure replacing IBM RAD in the enterprise?

Not only is it more open source compatible than RAD, MyEclipse Blue Secure gives customers a peace of mind knowing their development teams are locked-down on approved development tools, cutting down on cost overruns while maintaining continuous delivery.

MyEclipse Blue Secure supports existing RAD projects, but also includes technologies not found in RAD, such as Visual SQL Query Builders, advanced M

aven support for the enterprise, complete support for the Spring framework and more - all on top of the newest Eclipse release.

With faster builds and virtually no deployment time to WebSphere with MyEclipse Blue Secure's in-workspace deployment feature, developers are more productive and companies are saving millions of dollars on both hard and soft costs by migrating to MyEclipse Blue.

MyEclipse Blue supports WebSphere Portal Server 7.0, WebSphere 8, as well as WebSphere 6.1 and 7. IBM's popular DB2 series is supported with seamless database integration connectors on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Subscriptions to MyEclipse Blue Secure Edition is available annually for about US $249.

A free trial of MyEclipse Blue Secure Edition can be obtained by contacting sales(at)genuitec(dot)com. Free trial users and those with current subscriptions receive all upgrades and full support at no additional charge.

MyEclipse Blue Secure is powered by Genuitec's Secure Delivery Center:

Download a free trial version and let us know what you think!

**UPDATE: To address some comments coming from social media channels directed to this post - it's not limited to WebSphere or IBM tools. You can use our Secure Delivery Center with Eclipse to create your own marketplace for Eclipse and your plugins or tools too: