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Modern Development

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New technology is being introduced at an ever increasing pace. That’s a good thing, right? It definitely can be. But it can also wreak havoc on your development environment. How do you get the right tools to everyone on the team, avoid introducing malicious software into your environment and make sure your teams are on the same page? And what about keeping up with licenses and customizing tool stacks specifically for different projects? IDE management hasn’t always been easy, but with Secure Delivery Center it can be. SDC simplifies delivery for EclipseMyEclipse and RCP applications.

Keep Teams in Sync

Create stable software in a collaborative environment.

  • Deliver the same tool stack and configurations
  • Import projects from Git, CVS and SVN
  • Set up the target platform
  • Notify when updates are available or update silently via SMS

Secure Your Environment

Make SDC the new sheriff and tame the Wild West.

  • Set security rules on a per package basis
  • Download behind the firewall
  • Provide software from a custom library or secure catalog
  • Installer and update site software signing

Simplify Delivery

Keep your developers focused on writing awesome code.

  • Deliver custom IDEs, RCP apps and private marketplace catalogs
  • Maintained by an administrator from a central Admin Console
  • Built-in portal with installer links
  • Manage licensing, activation and user management

On-Ramp Team Members

Stop wasting countless hours before a single line of code is written.

  • Manage multiple projects with custom packages per team
  • Reduce overhead for new projects and new team members
  • Package Hierarchy with Advanced Team Delegation
  • Deliver a variety of IDEs (Eclipse, MyEclipse, etc.)
IDE Management

Import from Eclipse Marketplace

Customer Testimonial:
SSI Schaefer

Customer Testimonial:

Secure Deliver Center

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That’s the average time lost annually to project on-ramping, keeping in sync, and releasing software—but with SDC, it doesn’t have to be that way.


The SDC admin console makes it simple to create a perfectly configured tool stack and securely deliver it—so you keep your developers coding.


That’s how long you can give SDC a try, absolutely free. So why not download it today? You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.


So many organizations depend on SDC. Our customers often describe it as the one tool they never knew they needed, but now can’t live without.

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Software that pays for itself

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So much time is wasted before the typical developer gets to write a single line of code. Not only do you gain an average of 16 days a year from project on-ramping, synchronizing tools, and releasing software—you’ll also reduce the time wasted undoing damage from malicious software introduced into your environment. Are you ready for simpler IDE management?

After reviewing a couple of low priority requests on potential SDC improvements with your team, I observed: The absence of any high priority issues speaks of how well SDC is working for us and that is a significant departure from the previous deployment methods we have used over the years.

Ryan Brooks
The Boeing Company