Genuitec Advanced Support Services

Get the Most from Genuitec Software

Our standard support is a great way to learn more about the software and get questions answered. If you prefer one-on-one support, we also offer the following advanced support services: service agreements, individual web sessions and customized services.

Service Agreements

Genuitec offers optional service agreements to address your individual support needs. Services agreements may be purchased on an annual basis and include the following:

  • Annual quality and optimization review
  • Priority support system access with fast response time
  • Discounted rates for custom services
  • Preview development builds for upcoming product and bug fix releases with early access to roadmaps
  • Web-based collaborative sessions to address individual technical needs
Number of UsersAnnual PriceQuarterly Web Sessions *Support Contacts**
501+ $7,00063
Enterprise license$12,000104

* Quarterly sessions may not be rolled over, and a session is bounded to at most 2 hours.
** Number of direct client channels into advanced services.

Web Support Sessions

Schedule dedicated time with one of our skilled technicians to address product specific support or training. Sessions are scheduled within 72 hours of the request and can last up to 2 hours.

Advanced Service Agreements include a fixed number of support sessions per quarter. If additional support service sessions are needed, they can be purchased at a discounted rate. 

• $250/session with a Service Agreement
• $500/session without a Service Agreement

Custom Services

Genuitec offers custom services and new feature technologies that may be purchased as needed. If you have specific needs, please contact Genuitec sales directly with your requirements:

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